20 years ago, you could hire a wedding DJ for about $800. I can think of nothing that hasn’t increased in value over the last 20 years, except for the cheap DJ.

Mostly because, for most DJs, what they do is a hobby to them. YOU’RE their hobby. Or they’re beginners – YOU’RE their “lab rat.”

But consider this: Talented professionals charge accordingly and deliver accordingly. Talented professionals are worth more than a 20-year-old price tag.  Talented professionals are worth more than “chair covers,” “favors,” or the “kids coloring table” because they provide so much more than those items.

Cheap DJ Continued…..

You can hardly DYI for less than $800 and that does not include setup, tear down, and an “operator” to switch it on.

Warning Does Not Include – “talented professional”  Just that family friend that has some equipment and is good with music.

If your multi-thousand dollar, much-planned-for, monumentally important event is worth having, it’s worth making sure that you’ve retained the best possible choice you can get to

– keep the event moving smoothly,

– create and highlight the special moments,

– keep you and your guests entertained,

– and most importantly represent you as you’d like to be represented in good taste.

Stop being OK with hiring cheap DJS.

To have someone who can skillfully do these things for $1000 is CHEAP.  It was “reasonable” 10 years ago, and today you just can’t afford to payless.  It’s safe to say you’ll want to spend between $1200 – $1500 in the saint cloud area on the talented professional who holds so much of the responsibility for the success of your event.

No other aspect of your event will have more impact on it for as long as the entertainment professional you choose to represent you.

Don’t hire a DJ that’s stuck in 1984. Get the best professional that you can afford.