Why are music volume levels so important when it comes to your wedding dance.

A few years ago I DJed a wedding where there was another wedding reception going on across the hall.  The  DJ had his base and music volume levels way too loud for the social & dinner music hours.  I asked the venue coordinator if they could ask him to turn things down.  Finally, after the third request he respected our wishes, but it was too late for his wedding dance.  Sad to say by 8:30 he was packed up and on his way home.   Ouch…

This got me thinking about how important music volume levels are too a wedding.  Yes, you want to have social & dinner music playing. It brings a nice ambiance and can set the tone for the wedding reception.  When done right it can provide energy to the crowd and get them ready for some dancing, but done wrong it can send everyone packing and on their way home.

The first part of the reception and dance.

You’ll want the DJ to keep the music level low and not too much bass.  Have you ever found it annoying when the kid at the end of the street drives by with is bass blaring?   No different than at your wedding.

It’s important that at the begging of the reception and the first part of the dance people are able to hold a conversation.  Makes lots of sense right?  With all the new faces people are excited to socialize and want to get to know each other.  If the music is too loud people can’t talk and if people can’t talk and are not ready to go dancing (Have enough drink in them. lol)  they will just leave and head home.

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