While arranging a wedding can be a thrilling affair involving much anticipation and excitement, working out the costs can hardly be described as cheerful. Plenty of checks must be handed out left and right, and it doesn’t even end here. Many vendors expect you to tip their staff and this stipulation may be explicitly stated in the contract often under the heading of ‘service charges.’ Read this section carefully because here they might mention how much gratuity is to be provided to different staff members.

Keep the tips in special envelopes appropriate for the occasion. Give the envelopes discretely to the staff after their job is done. There is no need to tip proprietors since you are already paying them.


Tipping church officials would be incredibly awkward. However, as a token of appreciation, you can donate to the church to which they belong. This is an accepted and appropriate way of expressing gratefulness. $100 would be just fine.

Wedding Planner

Although they are not expected to be tipped, wedding planners are in effect running the show. So a token of thanks would be appropriate especially if they have done very well. You can offer them 10-20 percent. Free wedding photos for them to use for their own marketing would also be appropriate and very much welcome.


The baker is not usually tipped, however, the delivery staff that sets up the cake should be tipped. Up to $25 is fine, but if the cake is extraordinarily special and requires a lot of time to be put on display, then $50 would be sufficient.

Caterers and Bartenders

Vendors may stipulate a certain percentage as a tip for their staff. If they haven’t, then award 15-20% of the total bill to be distributed among the staff.


The musicians have to bring in plenty of equipment and perform through the wedding so they are the life of the party and must be tipped. 10-15% of the bill should be awarded as the amount to be divided between the musicians.

Photographer and Videographer

They are usually proprietors of their own business, so no need to give them tips. But if they are employees, it is good practice to tip them since they capture the entire ceremony for you to relive.  A tip of $50-100 is fine.


It’s not necessary to tip your florist, but if you are very pleased with the arrangement, you could give them up to 15% of the bill.

Limo driver and parking attendants

The limo driver should be awarded 15% of the bill if his gratuity has not been mentioned in the contract. Parking attendants should be given $1-$2 for every car parked, so assign someone to keep count.


Since they charge extra for weddings, tipping them is not necessary. But if you are really pleased, you can provide 15% of the bill as tip.

Make-up artists

They should be given at least 15%, in fact, more if they remain present during the reception and ceremony.


Another great way of thanking everyone who helps you put on a great wedding celebration would be to invite them to join your guests and you for the beverages and meal during the reception. Also, be sure to give them positive reviews, as that would be immensely appreciated without a doubt.

Remember, award the gratuity with a warm smile and pleasant demeanor. Use only kind words of gratefulness and avoid remarks that are even remotely condescending.