Have you ever been to a wedding dance and you’re out on the dance floor having a great time. Then the DJ all of a sudden plays a song that clears the dance floor.

That average DJ only play about 6-8 weddings a year. That is just not enough gigs to keep up with the current songs trends that can work the dancefloor or experience to know what songs are best to keep the dance floor fully engaged.

We have been keeping the dance floor rocking for 20+ years.  We have all the music sets old & new, so there is never a dull moment.

Even though we are experts – We always enjoy it when wedding couples get involved in picking out some music.    I feel the more involved you get, the more special the evening is for everyone.

Here are some tips for picking out the music that will help keep everyone dance.

How do you feel about different genres of music?  Ultimately this is your wedding day, and when the DJ keeps the bride out on the dance floor, the guests will follow.  Try to find songs from different decades and genre that both you and your guests will enjoy!

What is the percentage of visitors in particular age groups? We have found that a good mix of music and listing to the guests’ requests plays a significant role in keeping people out on the dance floor.   Put together a general idea of how many Kids under12, Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults, and Matures that will be at the reception.  Next put together a playlist of songs you like that will captivate each group.

Who are the dancers in the families?  Get your guests involved, pick out a few of the guests you know love to dance and ask them and your wedding party to pick out some songs for the music playlist.

Guests Requests System:  Music On Demand DJs Guests requests system will let your wedding guests go online and pick out music that will keep them dancing until the end of the night.  No worries, you get final say and approvals on all guests’ requests.