There is a lot that goes into planning a perfect wedding. From the wedding outfits to be worn to the décor to the vows that are to be exchanged, wedding planning involves a whole lot of carefully made effort.

Speaking of wedding décor, one particular aspect that most couples (or their families!) pay attention to is the color palette that is to be followed for the main event. And if you too are planning your wedding color combinations, here are some mistakes that are to be avoided:

Ignoring the Color of the Wedding Venue

If you are having difficulty in selecting a wedding color combination, turn to the wedding colors which your wedding venue supports! Even if you are not having any difficulty in selecting the colors, the venue’s color scheme needs to be paid special attention to.

You do not want your choice of wedding colors to clash with the wedding colors that the venue has.

Going Overboard with the Colors

We cannot stress this one enough! You do not want your wedding to look like a box of skittles, expert wedding planners recommend that if you must have more the one color in your wedding color palette make sure they are not more than 3.

Following the Color Wedding Combinations Trend… Even When You Don’t Like It

The most common mistake which people make while planning their wedding color combinations is following what the trend dictates, rather than following what they actually want to have. If you are a lucky bird and you actually like the wedding color combinations that are trending, then you just hit the jackpot. However, there is every chance in the world that you may not like what is in trend.

And if that’s you, here’s a tip:

Don’t  select it, if you don’t like it 100%! It’s your big day and you should be able to execute the way you want it too.

Your wedding day is hands down one of the most important days of your life.

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