Breaking down your average wedding cost in Minnesota.

Congratulations! Your beau asked you to marry them! Do I hear wedding bells? But wait – let’s check your savings account.

I know, I know. Weddings really cost more than a limb now, don’t they? But you still want to say “I do” to your adoring partner in front of all those you love, in a gorgeous dress or fly tux – whatever floats your boat.

Fear not! We’ve got a few ranges for you to consider, depending on how much you’re comfortable splurging on.

The Venue:
The average fairy land costs anywhere between $12,000 – $15,000. Some venues incorporate décor, seating and drinks in their range, so you’re paying for a bunch of things. If you’re a bride or groom who wants a big party, this is the budget you have to keep in mind.

Or you could budget and host a cozy party in your own back yard, and just hire a service to bring their décor and set some sweet looking seating around.

The Wedding Planner:
Interestingly, you could hire a wedding planner for an average of $1500 a day, or you could hire one that ranges from $5000 – $10,000 for the entire preparation period.

Ideally, you should be looking at experience, portfolios and check out reviews before you put your money down on hiring a planner. Make sure they are easy to talk to and understand your aesthetical needs.

The Caterers and Bakers:
Statistics from 2018 show that hiring a caterer could cost you $30 to $600 on average. If you’re looking for the cost per head, you’re looking to pay $45 – $150, or possibly more depending on what cuisine you’re planning to serve.

Maybe leave the live sushi out?

Your cake could also take a big chunk out of your wallet. Your baker will cost an average of $450, and could go well above $1200 depending on the weight, décor and ingredients you want embellishing the tower of sponge.

Or you ask your little niece to bake you one? I’m kidding – it’s your big day, and you do deserve a lovely cake. Maybe have an idea in mind and do some tastings before writing the check.

The Clothes!
Grooms, if you’re looking to rent a tux, you’re looking at $200 – $600 worth of expenditure. Although your tailor will set you up with a lovely pair of shoes, cufflinks, tie, west, and jacket – you name it!

If you’re looking to buy one, you could get a decent one between $300 and $800, but if you’re a little fancy, you may want to splurge around $800 – $1500 on some fine designer tuxes.

Brides, a sweet dress will cost around $400 – $700. This price guarantees you lovely lacework and comfortable material and will have you looking regal. Or you could spend up to $2000+ on a gorgeous designer creation. Either way, it’s your big day, and you’ll glow like the queen you are.

Throwing money like confetti wasn’t why you got together in the first place. You and your beau love each other for the sweetness you bring to each others’ lives – so be it a small beach wedding or a grand garden party, we wish you all the bliss of marital life!