Event Planning

Do you provide a wireless microphone for the event speeches?

Yes, your DJ will announce the event speeches and hand the wireless microphone to the BM to start the speeches.

Can we customize a social/dinner music playlist?

Yes,  all that we ask is you provide your DJ with separate spotify playlist.

What if we are having troubles picking out our specialty dancing?

No Worries. We have a list of recommended songs for each of the specialty dances and a full-time event consultant who is available to help with song selection. Just give us a call.

When do I need to submit & finalize our planning forms by?

To avoid any additional service charges all planning forms must be completed and finalized by the events lock out date. (2 weeks before the event).

Do we have to do all the traditional wedding activities?

No,  you are easy able to customized your activities. Just remove those traditional activities your don’t want from the events timeline and select “Don’t Need” under the speciality songs request list.  Then leave any special instruction in the comments for those activites you want to make your!

How much music are we able to pick out?

You can get as detailed as you like with the music requests.   We like to keep the playlist under 30 dance songs.   8-10 of which are songs that are special to you (Bride & Grooms Favorites).  This allow us to be flexible in the song selection and allow us to keep the dance floor active.  We know that you put a lot of work into the music selection and will do our best to get to all your songs!

Can we give you a DO NOT PLAY list?

Yes.  we provide you a special section in your online planner for song you don’t want played

Do we need to feed the DJ?

You are not contractually required to feed the DJ,   However, it is asumed and appreciated that the staff get feed.


How do The DJs handle guests requests?

We actually encourge guests requests!  However, not all requests are fitting.   Your dj will do their best to play requests where they best fit.  Giving precedence to those dancing and mixing other request as the night flows.

How do we communicate our event details to the DJ?

You’ll have access to your own personal client portal to plan event details & music selection. After you submit & finalize the event details online your DJ will prepare an event timeline including all the important information for your approval.

Will the DJ make announcements?

Yes. We will announce all events and make any announcements on behalf of the venue, and any other vendors, as needed.

Does the DJ take breaks?

Our DJs will not take a scheduled break but will find appropriate times throughout the evening to refill waters or use the restroom. There will always be a continuous flow of music.

What does the the DJ wear?

Our DJs will be dressed for success. We require that they wear formal attire such as shirts and ties.

What happens if the DJ gets sick?

In the event of an emergency, we have backups to fill in.


How much is the deposit?

A deposit of 35% is required to reserve your date.   The deposit paid is applied to the total event pricing.

We saw a DJ we loved, Can we book them?

Yes. We do our best to accommodate all DJ requests, if they are available we do our best to assign them to your event.

Are there any hidden fees?

The quote you receive is the price you’ll pay for the reception and our services.

Is gratuity included in our quote?

Gratuity is not automatically included. Most couples do choose to include a gratuity for their DJ and will either pay them directly or have a personal attended to it ahead of time.

When do we need to have the contract returned by?

We give our customers the first rights to reserve their event date for 10 days after receiving a proposal. We cannot reserve or perform without a signed agreement and deposit.

Can we setup a payment plan?

Yes, you are free to make payments within the client portal or you can mail us a check.

When is the final payment due by?

The final payment is due 30 days prior to the event.   A fifty dollar late fee will be applied to any late payments and the balance due has to be paid in full before we send out a DJ to your event.

Music On D

Are taxes included in the quote?

We do not charge a tax on your reservation


How much space & power will the DJ Booth need?

The DJ booth requires a 10ft & 6ft work area with your standard power supply with 20 fts.

Can your equipment go outside?

We can do outdoor events.  In the event of bad weather we would need to be moved to under a tent or inside a outbuilding   We require access to power with in 20 ft of a setup or offer a power supply rental.

How large of an event can you do?

Our primary systems are good for up to 400 guests out on the dance floor.  We can do larger parties by providing additional equipment.

Do you have digital music?

Yes, we have quality download mp3 files and Spotify for streaming those day of requests we might not have.

Do we need to have dance floor lighting?

No,  you can elect to have no dance floor lighting. However it is recommended. The way we can turn down the venue lights making it comfortable for guests out on the dance floor.

Do you offer an dancefloor?

No,  if you would like a dance floor you would have make or rent one.

Social Booth

Can we provide our own back drop/propts?

Yes, you are able to provide your own backdrop and props.  We, however, we are not responsible for the care these items.

How many people can fit in the booth?

We offer an open booth.   Depending on the room in the venue, we usually can set things up to accommodate between 10-15 guests.

Do we get the prints?

Yes. We provide you with digital copies of all the prints.

Will there be a social booth attendant?

Yes.  The DJ will work as a photo booth attendant and change the print paper and switch out the camera batteries.

What are the photo strips like?

Each photo session consist of 4 shots.  Then 2 custom photo booth strips are printed out on a 4×6 stock photo paper.

How much room is need for the social booth?

Things work best if we have a minuim of a 4fx4ft area.  If you elect to have prints & propts its recommended to have any area of 8ft x 8ft area.


Can you provide speakers for a musician or vocalist?

Yes,  However,they will need to provide the audio cords needed to plug and play.  Either an 1/4 inch jack or XLR cables work.

What kind of consideration have to be made for an outdoor ceremony?

We will need a power supply within 50-75ft from the ceremony site.

What happens in the event of bad weather?

The auto equipment is not equipped to handle rain or snow.   Some kind of shelter would have to be provided.

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