Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Common Questions

Event Planning

We provide light background music , wireless microphone for speeches, a little bit of MCing to help keep things on task, and some day of event cordination with your vendors.

You will be assigned a personal event consultant to help plan your events entertianment.   Once we finalize details your assigned DJ will recieve the events infomation and start preparing for your event.

The client portal is effective way to communicate your events visions and organize event details.

To avoid any additional service charges all planning forms must be completed and finalized by the events lock out date. (2 weeks before the event).

We have a list of recommended songs for each of the spotlight dance and a full-time event consultant who is available to help with song selection. Just give us a call.

Yes,  Our luxurious event packages allow you to have customized event activities.

No, Just remove those traditional activities your don’t want from the events timeline and select “Don’t Need” under the speciality songs request list.

We provide a prepopulated dinner playlist made up artist like Frank Sintra and Adele and our social hour playlist consists of some upbeat easy to listin too music.   If you choose not, to go with our list you are free to put together a playlist on spotify and share that with your event consultation.

We play about 50-60 songs

You can get as detailed as you like with your music requests.   We like to keep the song requests list to about 30 dance songs and  see 8-10 songs that are special to you (Bride & Grooms Favorites).  This allow us to keep the dance floor active, play guests requests and mix in your requests.  We do our best, but It is not guarrenteed that we will be able to play all your requests.  So if there is a song you would like to dance too just ask the DJ and they will get it in right away.

We cannot record mash-ups because of licensing restrictions. If you make your own mash-up and provide it to us we can play it.

Yes.  we provide you a special section in your online planner for song you don’t want played

No,  We will do our best to play all your requests, but not allowing guests to make requests or giving the DJ flexibility to work the crowd is a recipe for disaster.  If you just want your songs played I would recommend renting some DJ equipment and putting together a playlist on Spotify.  The results will be about the same.


Off Course. Please let us know if you don’t want us to take requests.

In most cases, you will be notified who your DJ is about a month before your event and you are free to contact them if you like.   If you reserved our Master event package you will know before the contract is signed who your DJ will be.

Your DJ will be matched up with you based on your event package and want experience level of DJ you are looking for.  If you reserve our master’s event package you will know right away who your DJ will be otherwise, you will be notified about a month before and at that time you can feel free to reach out and say Hi!

Our DJs will be dressed for success. We require that they wear formal attire such as shirts and ties.

Yes. We do our best to accommodate all DJ requests, but we cannot guarantee anyone’s availability.

We ask that you provide a 6 to 8 foot skirted table, access to a standard outlet and easily accessible parking.

You are not contractually obligated to feed your DJ though most couples recognize that the DJ will be working very hard for them and choose to include the DJ in the meal headcount. If you don’t plan to feed your DJ let them know so other arrangements can be made.

Yes. We will announce all events and make announcements on behalf of the venue, and any other vendors, as needed.

Our DJs will not take a scheduled break but will find appropriate times throughout the evening to refill waters or use the restroom. There will always be a continuous flow of music.

In the event of an emergency, we have backups to fill in.


Click The Book Now Button & We’ll walk you through the process or email us and we will send you the needed paperwork to reserve your date. After you accept the terms you will be prompted to make a deposit with a credit or debit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  Payments can also be made by check on the day of event consultation.

A deposit of 33% is required to reserve your date.   The deposit comes off the total price of the event.

We do not charge a tax on your reservation.

The quote you receive is the price you’ll pay for the reception and our services.

Yes. We send out an agreement for you to review and sign.

Gratuity is not automatically included. Most couples do choose to include a gratuity for their DJ.

We offer free travel for up to 100 miles round trip of the corporate office.  Addition fees may apply and will be included in your quote.

Within 10 days of receipt of the paperwork. We cannot reserve or perform without a signed agreement and deposit.

Yes,  we accept payments made by checks up to 30 days prior to the event.

The final payment is due 30 days prior to the event.   A fifty dollar late fee will be applied to any late payments and the balance due has to be paid in full before we send out a DJ to your event.


We offer two different size sounds systems.  Our Traditional event package comes with a system large enough for up to 200 guests or small to medium size venues.  If you are planning a medium to large size event it is recommended to go with either the Professional or Masters event package.

We offer two different lighting packages the basic packages come with 4 led wash lights the illuminate the dance floor to the sound of the music.  The standard lighting packages come with the 4 led wash lights on a trussing and included is two sound-activated light that adds colorful effects to the dance floor.

Yes. We use digital music.

Yes. Additional equipment may be required. Mention this upon reservation and we can make the necessary adjustments.

Ideally, the DJ would have a 12 ft by 6ft area to set up.

Our equipment will need to be under the cover of a tent or outbuilding in the event of inclement weather.  We require access to power. Our system can run off one dedicated outlet or extension cord, or a 2000+ watt generator.

Our primary systems are good for up to 400 guests. We can do larger parties by providing additional equipment.

Photo Booth

The photo booth rental includes; props, backdrop, photo station, & photo strips.

Yes, you are able to provide your own backdrop and props.  We, however, are not responsible for the take care of the items.

We offer an open booth.   Depending on the room in the venue, we usually can set things up to accommodate between 10-15 guests.

Yes. We provide you with digital copies of all the prints.

Yes.  The DJ will work as a photo booth attendant and change the print paper and switch out camera batteries.


We will provide up to four songs for seating music, audio support for the ceremony as well as a corded microphone and stand for the officiant. Your DJ will be there to oversee the entire ceremony.

We provide a second system so we can accommodate ceremonies in a variety of locations, including outdoors.

We need access to a power source and a tent depending on location.

If your ceremony is on the property where the coverage would not be accessible immediately in the case of unexpected precipitation, we would require that a canopy is provided.

We do not encourage the use of wireless microphones for ceremonies.   There is a high risk that they will pick up different signals such as radio or other white noise.