Event Planning Music Selection

Music Selection

Below is a list of some recommendations we have for each playlist.

Bride and Grooms Favorites: (Most Important)
Let make your wedding special to you and not like every other wedding.

Please pick out 8-10 songs that are special to you, your fiance and wedding party.

  • Examples:  Class Song, High School Prom,  Go To Drinking Songs,  Girls Night Out.

Play If Possible: 

Its no secret.  If the Bride, Groom & Wedding party our out on the dance floor the guests will follow.  Please use the “play if possible” list to let us know some of your favorite songs to dance too.  We will mix this list with the guest request to keep a constant flow of people dancing.

Note:  People love to dance to songs they like and know. You’ll find our top most requested wedding songs under the ideas tab.  They are listed as WMP -Set 1-5.

New Dedication:  Please take a moment to think of a couple special dedication to share with your guests and provide some comments.

It's Real Game-Changer