Vendors Addition

Event Coordinator/Venue

How much space & power will the DJ Booth need?

The DJ booth requires a 10ft & 6ft work area with your standard power supply with 20 fts.

Can your equipment go outside?

We can do outdoor events.  In the event of bad weather we would need to be moved to under a tent or inside a outbuilding   We require access to power with in 20 ft of a setup or offer a power supply rental.

How large of an event can you do?

Our primary systems are good for up to 400 guests out on the dance floor.  We can do larger parties by providing additional equipment.

Do you offer an dancefloor?

No,  if you would like a dance floor you would have make or rent one.

What happens in the event of bad weather?

The auto equipment is not equipped to handle rain or snow.   Some kind of shelter would have to be provided.