Being a best man or matron/maid of honor is an exciting feeling.

But with that comes a lot of pressure to give an amazing and entertaining speech at the wedding. You don’t want to bore the audience with some plain or generic speech they have probably heard a dozen times before.

The following are 5 essential tips that are surely to help you deliver a speech that will help you wow the audience:

1.     Prepare in advance

Please don’t wait till the last minute to write your speech. It’s a recipe for disaster. Unless you are someone who was born with the gift of gab and can give excellent speech without any hassle then by all means wait it out.

But remember that a poorly prepared speech will make the bride/groom sorely disappointed in you as they would have placed high hopes to listening what you have to say. Even if you are good at speeches, a quick revision or rehearsal in front of other close friends would do you good in getting some feedback. Typically a month before the wedding is good enough for you to start preparing.

2.     Know your audience

Prepare the speech according to the audience. You don’t want to be giving an extremely funny speech at a wedding where the audience would be a tad bit stiff or formal; neither would you want to give a serious one to a crowd that is all about being fun and lighthearted.

Also keep in consideration that there might be older adults at the wedding so if you are not comfortable saying something in front of your parents then it pretty much applies to the other older people as well. Don’t forget that there would be kids as well so it’s best not to include any dirty jokes either.

3.     Keep it funny and light hearted

Never underestimate the power of humor. It is basically the lubricant of your speech. But be sure to pepper it nicely where it applies and not try to shove in a joke in every sentence otherwise it will seem that you are trying too hard.

Make sure you don’t include anything that would embarrass the bride/groom though.

4.     Stay focused on the couple

The speech is not about you so try to keep the spotlight on the couple. No matter who you are representing, it is best to include both of them and how you know them as a couple rather than just your relationship with the bride or groom.

5.     KISS (Keep it short and sweet)

You might have dozens of things to talk about but pick out only one or two and wrap things up nicely by telling how the couple is perfect for each other. Wedding toasts and speeches  should not be more than 5-8 minutes as there are people with different levels of attention spans  plus you don’t want to hog up other people’s speech time as well.

Lastly, have fun while writing the speech and be as genuinely you as possible. With these 5 things covered, you are on your way to give an awesome wedding toast/speech.