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I loved the online event worksheet and the song request system! Thanks for helping to make our big day great!


Its Your Wedding Day

Our service is all about making sure the wedding is about you and your guest.  We want everyone to have  a great time and will work with you to help captivate your wedding vision and tailor a custom music playlist to you and your guests requests.

Getting Started


Complete our online event planning form to provide information to your entertainer regarding your special event. To access and complete the form please fill out the client login form on this page.

first dance

Spotlight Dances

Fill in name and artist of song. If there is a spotlight dance you’d like to do, but are uncertain of the song, please contact our music director for assistence.

Wedding specialist 2

Group Events

Choose Yes to events you’d like to do,
choose No for events you don’t want and At DJ’s discretion/by guest request for events you don’t feel strongly about either way.


Music Selection

Professional DJ

Bride & Groom Favorites

Lets us know the favorite songs you love to dance too.

Anniversary Dance

Guests Requests

Have your guest involved in picking out some of the music, So we can get a good feel for want they want to dance too.