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Complete our mobile-friendly online event planning forms and create a custom music playlist. Communicate with your DJ the important information regarding your special event. To access and complete the form please fill out the client login form on this page.

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Speciality Dances

Search your favorite songs by the artist or title. Then drag and drop the songs into the correct specialty dance folder.   Feel free to use our most current specialty music lists under the weddings tab, or contact your event consultant for assistance in picking out some popular music for your special event.

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Event Activities

Next, Please take a moment to fill out the online event questionnaire.  Communicate your vision and a brief timeline of events to your DJ.

Choose Yes to events activities you’d like to do,
choose No for events activities you don’t want and At DJ’s discretion/by guest request for events you don’t feel strongly about either way.

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Music Selection

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Custom Music Playlist

Feel free to get as detailed as you like when putting together a custom music playlist.   Make your wedding dance special by picking out 8-10 songs that are meaningful to you and your close friends. Then use our current most requested music charts to select a good mix of music that you like, and your guests will love dancing too!

Anniversary Dance

Guests Requests System

We provide each event with is own private guests requests URL that you can share by email, FM, Text, or put on your RSVP.  Making it easy to ask your guests to become part of your event planning.   Don’t be surprised to hear your guests come running to the dancefloor shouting, ” That’s My Song” while grabbing family and friends on the way to the dancefloor, as the DJ play their song requests.